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Rocket Bao Sunglasses

Rocket Bao Sunglasses

Rocket sunnies are made with kids in mind. Their fun and contemporary designs are sure to impress whilst protecting those precious peepers.

Rocket aim for the stars, but without hurting the bank balance. French Manufacturer Julbo designed Rocket to be comfortable, protective and, most importantly, look like the sunglasses kids see adults wearing everyday. So no more stealing your sunglasses when they try to dress like the grown-ups.

Modern styles, a range of rich colours, scaled-down versions of adult-styles. Rocket sunglasses are guaranteed to keep your kids' eyes safe, and let them have fun out of harm's way. It's never too early to give your kids the eye protection they need. Rocket kids sunglasses give 100% protection from UV. So that's one less thing to worry about.
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