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Lamington Indiana Knee-High Merino Sock - Brands-Lamington : Rockies - Lamington 0381955 W19

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Lamington Indiana Sock

Lamington Indiana Knee-High Merino Sock

Indiana - Searching in the sand for Treasure, Grey Marle with rust coloured crosses.

70% merino, 25% nylon, 5% elastane

Lamington knee-high sock-ings are cosy, comfy, cute and considerably better at staying up and staying on. Sizes are knitted into every pair so no confusion over whose are whose! Made in New Zealand with merino wool, Lamington sock-ings help cold feet and legs stay snuggly and warm. The fine knit merino makes them super-warm and super-comfy without being bulky.

Exceptionally kind and gentle on delicate skin, merino wool regulates temperature providing warmth without overheating. It also has the natural ability to breathe and draw moisture (sweat) away from the skin which makes Lamington sock-ings the perfect year-round choice.
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